Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 My lovely often comes home with little treasures.
 "close your eye's"...I hold out my hand....
Usually it's a marble found while digging a hole, sometimes a  penny or sixpence
sometimes a button.
Yesterday he found special treasure..
A tiny fabric sample swatch he found in a wall & this 'thingy' stuck in a gap by some floorboards.
I'm not quite sure what the 'thingy' is, but to me it seems like it would have some kind of crafty use, perhaps with a loom or such like?
(excuse pics of manky thumb!) 

A wee gawk at some new (old new) fabric I've found on my thrift journeys lately.
All those squares came in a pack & hidden in the middle was that amazing silk castle print.
The two cottons above were a total score, there's at least 4 meters of the birdy print, The blue one is beautiful, but slightly sun damaged in places.

 Today I got to hang with the hussy as Imogen was having an epic 3 hour sleep!
I'm at the Feilding craft show next weekend sharing a stall with my niece Hannah who makes the coolest ever jewellery & my awesome Mummy-in-law who has a mountain of divine knitted baby goodness up for grabs.
I'll have my usual goodies, as well as a bit more skin care this time, which reminds me that soon there will be a little giveaway....
Have a lovely week..
Keep warm too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A special visit

A bit of light reading.

Most amazing lunch ever.

Every now and then in life, you randomly meet someone who straight away, you know you would get on great with. A while ago there became a new, full time 'counter' lady at our local sallies. She has one of those personalities that you instantly feel relaxed around and as I 'often frequent' the old sallies, we became rather used to each other. Ironically we later discovered that our two teenage daughters were also close friends, and since then, we have grown a friendship I truly cherish.
Megan (Meegs as we call her) has a rather special wee Mum, and I was lucky enough to join her in Masterton for lunch a few weeks ago & pretty much drool over all her furniture & fabulous clothes.
 Erin is truly the most admirable, classy, hilarious & beautiful 73 year old lady I have met. Her spirit & personality are that of super trendy 30 something living in the roaring 40's.
This woman owns (and wears) strapy red velvet stilettos for goodness sake!
I had a fabulous day with Megan & Erin eating, wining & yakking.
Erin is also a keen salvo's worker (hence her beautiful house full of amazing furniture) We went for a wee Saturday squizzy down at her local stomping ground where I picked up some old oak dewy drawers that have come from a library somewhere. They are now in my sewing room waiting for my next 'thrift scores of the century post'
Erin is a mother to 9 children!
She is awesome.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You little hussy

 The local Salvo's have started doing 'collectables week', There have two of these in the last 6 or so months. I'm in two minds about them, as it means all the good old stuff gets held out the back for these special sales, but it does give me an opportunity to get some very cool stuff, all at once, and if I'm really organized...potentially save my pennies for this special occasion! So last week was collectibles week, & on Monday morning my car had a flat battery. A sign from the universe to not be blowing mullah on un-needed goodies perhaps!
I had a nice wee hermit week at home plodding, fluffing, enjoying having all the kids (bar Ginny poo) at school, and not having to drive ANYWHERE!
But then.....
on Friday...
my salvo's spy informed me that all collectible will be half price on Friday, so as I had to collect the milk in town anyway, I tootled in for a wee squander and holy shit balls look what I found...& bought for $12.50!
She has all her original bits including 3 interchangeable cams which do all kinds of fancy stitches.
And my favourite colour too.
Thanks salvos fairy
I love you too ;-)

Monday, May 7, 2012


I was feeling inspired to do a wee bit of DIY today with this very cool fabric remnant I scored from our local flooring extra store. My lovely Father in-law gave me this chair for my studio (when I had one...sad face) It's a tiny little thing and I have often struggled with where exactly to put it. At the moment she is sitting next to the fire waiting patiently for Ginny to come and wipe marmite (actually its more likely to be Vegemite...another sad face) all over the nice white bits!
I don't recommend using your builder husbands staple gun for whacking building paper onto walls if you, like me, could not find the right sized staples to fit your 'upholstery' staple staple guns are like hammers that have staples in the ends....hence my bloody sore thumb and the giant wrinkles in the front of the cushion which can stay there until I find the right staples.
Now to end on nice you like my Salvo's score this morning? I have a mild obsession for T-bar shoes so these Italian Grey Mei numbers are making me feel pretty spesh right now!
Happy days
Now to end

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafty times

Anya & Me

Mademoiselle Tink xx

Craft wars was totally amazing last night...the people, the inspiration......All of it!
Not to mention the mulled wine my amazing friend Tink brought in her magik thermos!
And the live music...PLEASE check them out...and nagg them to produce an 'album' of some kind!
I 'may have' purchased a few goodies! But I am really excited about the 2ply yarn I bought from curiouser & curiouser...hand dye alpaca.
Now to get the knitting mojo...been a while! xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My creative space

It's been rather bust here this week. My baby Fleur has had her first full week of school! And I have been relishing the extra time as were off to craft wars this afternoon.
As per usual my head is exploding with idea's., but the 'free time' issue is..well....still an issue!
My lovely has just started a new job building for a local 'dude' after being self-employed for the past 6 months. I'm looking forward to the benefits of not doing invoicing/ GST etc not to mention giving nearly all our money away to ACC for their ludicrous levy's. BUT I don't think my man will be ultra happy here either...I hope for him that the universe provides an opportunity worthy of his talents soon...un happy at work = grumpy hubby!
Over & out.
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