Monday, February 27, 2012


Fragrant Therapeutics soap is now available in my FELT store.
There is also a Face Book page HERE.
Off you go for a virtual sniff!
Hmmm scratch & sniff PC screens, I could be on to something!

There is also a wee competion to win a cake of this little sweetie on my Face Book page, all you have to do is come up with a name for it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Changing rooms

I had a little shift around yesterday. Imogen & i have shared the front room as baby/ sewing room for around 1 year, but the other night I had a wee apifphinie, that Anya could have the front room (still my sewing 'corner') Which would allow me to sew more while Ginny is asleep, and sew in the evenings...bonus. Fleur and Ginny are now sharing which is great as Anya is getting to the age where she needs her own space (seriously limited in our little house!)  Ginny & Fleur love each other to bits & the fighting between Anya & Fleur will 'hopefully' minimize now that they actually have time 'out' from each other!
I had lots of fun setting up Anya's wee space, a great opportunity to have another clean out (it never ceases to amaze me how many paper 'creations' come from their room!) 
I was going to get her a lamp for her dresser & this morning spotted this cutie at the Salvo's, it had no shade, but I re-covered one from another lamp with this seer sucker to clean up the mess on my side!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New acquisition

The first time in my life I've spent more than $10 on nail polish....OPI 'suzi takes the wheel'.

An up-grade from old box brownie

The lion, the witch & the .........
I've had a few very special wee things enter my house lately, the first is our new camera, I've been without a camera for ages (I may have dropped ours on the road). So I borrowed a friends, which according to Fleur 'fell off the piano from the wind' (hehe) So both LCD's were broken & photo's were a bit of hit & miss, just like the good old days! I'm learning to use this piece of hi-tech brilliance, just not so keen on the monthly HP invoice!!
The next very exciting thing is my new (old) wardrobe I scored on trade me for $103 smackers. I seriously had to reduce my clothes by about 1/3 to fit them in here, but we had a garage sale and broke even which was awesome! The reason I needed a new wardrobe is because my lovely has smashed out the two large wardrobes that were side by side between our room & the girls room, to make way for a new toilet, the first step toward turning our scary cold old laundry (where the loo currently is) into a new kitchen (when I say 'new' it will be predominately made from recycled materials). Exciting things I tell you.....exciting in deed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little red riding hood?

Random pic I know, but the wind blowing sheer white curtains is one of my favourite things.

I have been really excited about sewing THIS little number for quite a few weeks now,
I used a mossy green wool I bought at 'fabric'-a-brac' with a cotton lining from spot light.
I'm looking forward to making some more, perhaps with a peter pan collar like the caplets I've made for my felt shop, or summer capes made from cotton alone.
My little model was not so willing today, therefor no posy shots!...... Well only spag bog ones, she seems to be her happiest when completely nude, absolutely NO socks at all thank you, definitely no capes!
Hmmmmm what else?...
Stuffed potatoes for tea tonight which were bloody nice, made with my giant home grown spuds.
I really enjoyed THIS DVD, also THIS one too.
And I've been grooving to THESE TWO songs while cooking tea.
Have a great weekend, if your around Kapiti this Saturday, check out the medieval fair in Levin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Printing on fabric

I recently bought a book, a craft book, a...nuther...craft book, but this one I justified for Anya's B-day pressie in Aug. It has a few cool ideas I thought I could take full advantage of between then and now. One of these 'ideas' is printing onto fabric using your home printer, something I've always wanted to try, but was kinda dubious about blowing my printer up.

What you need:
freezer paper (you can get this from spotlight)
white cotton (quilter's weight type thing)
1 piece of A4 printers paper (as a size guide)

Iron your freezer paper to your fabric without any steam, then using double sided tape, stick your piece of A4 paper to the back of the freezer paper, then trim any excess off your fabric/ freezer paper piece. Find you image, print it on your printer and voi la!
Not too sure on the colour fast situation, but watch this space peeps..
P.S: SHOP update
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