Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where and why?

I haven't been feeling the blog mojo of late.
numerous reasons, one being the fact that breastfeeding usually coincided with computer/ blog time.
I've popped back a few times, but just don't feel that vibe anymore? I don't see me coming back here in a hurry. Time to go exploring back into the real world. Climb inside the experience of 'things'. A little over the superficial pretend world of PC, despite it's fantastic friendships and boundless inspiration.
Big loves to all those who popped in to visit me here.
If you're feeling up to it, go climb inside this song.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

How do YOU do it?

It's no secret in our house that I am a huge piklete fan.
I could probably eat a whole batch on my own.
Fleur shares my obsession, we often whip up a batch of these babies and a pot of tea.
Fleur likes tea
1 sugar please....
 It's funny, pikelets are one of thoses things that vary from family to family,
a bit like lasagne or know what I'm saying?
Over the years I've tried various different recipes, but the most recent is a beauty...
Well in my opinion anyway!
They're light, fluffy & evenly brown all over.

1 egg
1/4 C castor sugar
3/4 C milk
1/4 tsp baking soda
*1 C self raising flour
1Tbsp melted butter

Beat egg and sugar till fluffy ( my Mum who made amazing pikelets always said you have to "beat the shit out of the egg & sugar!") Measure the milk & add the soad to it. Wisk sifted flour gradually into your egg mix alternatly with your milk & soda mix. Beat well to combine and then lastly add your melted butter. Drop spoon fulls onto your fan and flip when bubbles appear.

* I never have self raising flour, I just use plain flour with 1 tsp of baking powder.
*I always find the first batch (pan full) of pikelets tend to be the test batch and usually burn a little untill I have the temp just right, I use an old enamel cast iron pan and don't add any more butter to the pan after that first initial batch.

Happy cooking xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Best ever pumpkin soup recipe here.........
Seriously...bestest....nom nom

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shop update

Shop update over HERE.....
pop on over...
you know you want to....
go on!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winner is......

The two winners of my samples giveaway are:
Congratulations beautiful ladies, I'll pop your goodies in the post this week.
Everyone else, thanks so much for taking the time to enter, don't forget these samples will be available on my felt store.
Have a happy & warm week everyone!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New makings & a wee giveaway.

I have a few new goodies to release into my FELT shop over the next few weeks.
I have just made a delicious batch of intensive hand cream & a beautiful rose based facial lotion for normal to dry skin. I'm also in the process of making a new range of goodie packed toners, two new cleansers, one for oily, one for dry, and a range of facial serums.
As a wee treat I'm offering two visitors a free 10ml sample of either my intensive hand cream which is fantastic for dry winter hands (also safe for eczema prone skin) or my divine facial lotion for normal to dry skin.
These 10ml pots will be available at my FELT store too for $4.00.
A great opportunity to try something new!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below specifying which one you would like,
(link up your e-mail if it's not already on your account)
I will draw two winners on Sunday night.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pride of place

 A wee while ago I was given this dress by a friend's Mother,
I had put off posting about it as I wanted to get photo's that would do it justice, I've given up waiting for the optimum weather and just done it, please bear with me!
Originally the dress was given to my friend, however after modelling it for her teenage daughters who kindly informed her that she 'looked like she was in her dressing gown', she passed it onto me! whoop whoop...yes please!
The fabric is totally unreal, it has clearly been very loved as you can see by the bias binding on the neck wearing through. I took it to my Gran hoping that she could tell me something about the composition and era as she was a tailor back in the day.
We both decided it was a silk fabric, (it has a silk feel, but not a typical eastern silk feel, slightly thicker...perhaps with a cotton in there too?) She seemed to think that going by the detailing on the seams (the whole thing is French seamed) & the classic drop waist that it was a 1930's style, weather it was made then, who knows?
The floral reminds me of an older style Liberty print.
It truly is a prized possession!
I'd love to hear what you think?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 My lovely often comes home with little treasures.
 "close your eye's"...I hold out my hand....
Usually it's a marble found while digging a hole, sometimes a  penny or sixpence
sometimes a button.
Yesterday he found special treasure..
A tiny fabric sample swatch he found in a wall & this 'thingy' stuck in a gap by some floorboards.
I'm not quite sure what the 'thingy' is, but to me it seems like it would have some kind of crafty use, perhaps with a loom or such like?
(excuse pics of manky thumb!) 

A wee gawk at some new (old new) fabric I've found on my thrift journeys lately.
All those squares came in a pack & hidden in the middle was that amazing silk castle print.
The two cottons above were a total score, there's at least 4 meters of the birdy print, The blue one is beautiful, but slightly sun damaged in places.

 Today I got to hang with the hussy as Imogen was having an epic 3 hour sleep!
I'm at the Feilding craft show next weekend sharing a stall with my niece Hannah who makes the coolest ever jewellery & my awesome Mummy-in-law who has a mountain of divine knitted baby goodness up for grabs.
I'll have my usual goodies, as well as a bit more skin care this time, which reminds me that soon there will be a little giveaway....
Have a lovely week..
Keep warm too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A special visit

A bit of light reading.

Most amazing lunch ever.

Every now and then in life, you randomly meet someone who straight away, you know you would get on great with. A while ago there became a new, full time 'counter' lady at our local sallies. She has one of those personalities that you instantly feel relaxed around and as I 'often frequent' the old sallies, we became rather used to each other. Ironically we later discovered that our two teenage daughters were also close friends, and since then, we have grown a friendship I truly cherish.
Megan (Meegs as we call her) has a rather special wee Mum, and I was lucky enough to join her in Masterton for lunch a few weeks ago & pretty much drool over all her furniture & fabulous clothes.
 Erin is truly the most admirable, classy, hilarious & beautiful 73 year old lady I have met. Her spirit & personality are that of super trendy 30 something living in the roaring 40's.
This woman owns (and wears) strapy red velvet stilettos for goodness sake!
I had a fabulous day with Megan & Erin eating, wining & yakking.
Erin is also a keen salvo's worker (hence her beautiful house full of amazing furniture) We went for a wee Saturday squizzy down at her local stomping ground where I picked up some old oak dewy drawers that have come from a library somewhere. They are now in my sewing room waiting for my next 'thrift scores of the century post'
Erin is a mother to 9 children!
She is awesome.
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