Friday, September 30, 2011

The Red Racer

A few years ago I scored this baby for $10 bucks at a local not that hot man in the background...he was free.....I'm talking about my Red Racer baby!
Well the old girl has been chilling the shed for a while, I did take her for a spin when I was about 7 months wasn't pretty.
So yesterday I popped into the local bike shop for some new brake pads & found myself at the counter with the tinniest bike helmet I've ever seen.
Imogen hates hats so this will take a little getting used to for her (hence the pics) but after a few laps round the house she was quite happy & chatting away. Initially I thought she was still a bit young, but she fits quite snug in her little seat so I'll take her for a few short laps round the block until we both get used to riding together.
It was quite cute as the chair made her hair all fuzzy with static & she looked like some mad old man.
Hope you're all getting some sun this weekend, & maybe your first BBQ of the season...whoop whoop!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Last week was a good one for opp shopping, the salvos had a 'vintage week' which was very exciting. Ged & I spent Sunday afternoon licking the windows & drooling over all the bootee awaiting new homes & eager collectors. 
I arrived outside at 2 minutes to 10 on Monday morning & joined the cue, many of whom (to my that word?) were antique dealers looking for a bargain.  
It was probably the most intense opp shopping I have ever done, swift whips & enamel tea pots were being waved about left right & centre.
There were definitely some beautiful items to be had, sadly I missed out on a stunning oak bed side cabinet which was only $30, but I really can't complain at all the other little treasures I've acquired...& yes I've blown my budget big time!

I love this little vase. It has some interesting stamps on the bottom, but I can't make any of them out sadly.

Retro whistling kettle $3.00

Coffee perk $4.00

Awesome enamel ladle...essential for soup on the coal range

Vintage can opener

Do you remember these!!!! They're getting as rare as milk bottle crates!

Mini sewing machine. I've had one of these on my wish list for a while. Both Anya & Alex are fascinated by it.

A collection of fabulous Plunket patterns. The owner of these has kept the originals in mint condition, tracing each one & filing them into individual brown envelopes.
I also scored a handful of beaded milk jug covers & an old lace up boned girdle with matching brassier. It's a little worse for wear & possibly a size 20 something, but I'm looking forward to mending it & hanging it on the wall.
Now I HAVE to get into the garden.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mrs Bunny hops & hops

I've been away from bloggy land for a few weeks. I decided to change phone companies & resulted in no Internet...then phone..then no phone again. In the end I lost my rag & said F*#K... F@#K Sake & a few more choice words, well would you believe there was a technician on my door step the next morning! I don't like to abuse call centre staff as I used to massage the Telecom's 018 centre staff, but this situation brought out the best of my potty mouth!!
So...being away from blog land has made me realise how important my little blog has become to me. It's funny that most of you I have never met, but your inspiration and daily events become much like a close friendship. I guess many of us are Mothers, potentially 'socially isolated'  by the demands of family/ mother hood etc (I know this sounds like some 50's mental health phenomena by the way I've written it, but I know you all know what I mean!) So I'd like to say a little thank you to all the wonderful Woman who inspire me...too many to name, but rest assured that sharing little glimpses of your creative endeavours often makes my day! xxx

Now to some sewing missions... I scored this little pillow case from a new oppy in town the other day & decided it needed to be made into something for Imogen to cuddle. The sewing up part ended up being a pain in the proverbial, but all turned out in the end! I'm hoping to sew one of the THESE with the rest.
Now for any of you who are inspired by totally beautiful vintage children's clothes go HERE for a serious drool session!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day Dad
Miss you like mad.
Hope your having a cold one & watching the rugby up there somewhere?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sewing therapy

 It has been nice to do some therapeutic sewing over the last few days.
Our house has had some major shifting around, including my beautiful studio becoming a teenagers sleep out! I know...insane, but a necessary decision. The front sun room ( the only room we've done up so far) is now Imogen's little nest & my sewing area. Mad as it seems I am actually getting some sewing done now! I remember reading one of Dee's post where she said the reality is sewing has to be done in the heart of the home. She was very right!
The bunting has been on my 'to do' list for a long time now. I've made it to tie to my gazebo for markets etc. I just need to cut out all the letters for my 'mushroom lane' to go on the flags.
I also have a little giveaway plan going over in my head, I turned 30 last month & intended to do a birthday giveaway...time has rolled on obviously, but watch this space as I'm feeling positively organized at the moment!
Hope your catching some Vitamin D rays this weekend

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Before & After

I've been doing a little bit of spring clean house pimping lately. It's so nice to have the windows open & the smells of fresh cut grass & flowers wafting in.
Our house is a 'work in progress!' The laundry & bathroom in most need of some DIY, so until the serious stuff happens I thought I'd do a bit of feminine fabric re-decorating, the kind women loved to do in the 70's!



It probably doesn't seen like much on here, but the difference is actually quite surprising at my end. Even walking past the bathroom is a nicer experience! Just call me Laura Ashley!
Now to wait till the kids decide drying their hands on my curtain is way more convenient than the hand towel?
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