Thursday, June 23, 2011


The purse strings are rather tight at the moment, well tighter than our normal tight anyway.
No opp shopping for me..
Well not until I finally cleaned my dresser of clothes the other day & found a little white envelope with $15 bucks, (soap I had sold a while back & completely forgotten about!) So with money burning a hole in my pocket, we loaded Ginny into the pram and wandered off to the Feilding farmers market in the sun...yes THE SUN!!!
Whilst wandering  around I could not resist a little peep in the salvos. Lucky for me it was one of those little magic opp shop days.....
 Some nice cooking from Pop
 Vintage linen baby sheets
I can NEVER resist these old Agee jars.

 Some good old Crown Lynn bowls and the coolest tiny potty I've ever seen

Snakes & ladders anyone?

$1 reserves on trade me! Yep $1

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was reading through Rosemary McLeod's book 'thrift to fantasy'
Drooling over the beautiful images when I came across a huge crochet granny blanket. Suddenly I remembered a beautiful blanket that was given to me 'yonks ago'. It had needed mending & I had lent it to a girlfriend to fix as I'm hopeless at crochet...2 years ago! To cut to the point we both forgot about it until Rosemary brought it all back! I love this blanket as it is huge, woollen & it fits over our queen bed just right.
So...yes..mending is a priority seeing as we have just had the first heavy frost of the year
mmmmmm woolly blankets, pikelets and big pots of tea xx
Hope your all hibernating in comfort

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Teeth? Well I hope my new found cracked nipples aren't suffering for nothing!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I scored two of these beswick babies from the salvos the other day. $2.00 thank you! They are my new favourites. I have never come across a coffee cup size with a saucer, friendly bloggers please educate me on the history of these???

P.S: Can one of my ever helpful & all amazing bloggy readers please help me with a computer literacy query......How do I 'glue' several pics together to make a new header for my blog? Yes I know it must be super simple, but know?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today was a gardening day. A beautiful Autumnal day, no wind, the light doing that thing it does at this time of year when the greens of nature are 'really really' green.
Imogen had her first nuddy grass bum time, followed by a pooey explosion in my studio which began on the cloth nappy, moved to the blanket & ended up on the carpet, yes my new carpet in the studio!
It has been officially 'christened'.
Any how, gardening away & Fleur (4) asked if she can take a photo, her new favourite thing to do. I say 'ok' just one picture, her reply '4 please'....'alright 4, no more or you'll run the batteries out'. Time passes & I realise she's gone wondering with the camera. 'Fleur put the camera back now'...'but my 4 minutes isn't finished!' (minutes?) Classic! So I go through the camera & discover about...hhmmm...40,000 photos of the garden, bless her, a blogger in the making. I had to post some of them as they are so bloody good, I was pleasantly surprised as our camera is an el-cheapo-of the borrowed kind. It was quite cute actually as lots of the pics had her little Shadow in them. I threw the last two in for a giggle, Fleur's self portrait followed by Mum wrestling the camera from Fleur.

Look at those eyelashes!
We even cleaned out the glass house.
my lovely lost his job yesterday.
Self sufficient-el-budget-recipes welcome

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