Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodness Gracious a Girly Giveaway!

As promised here is my soapy giveaway,

the winner will receive a yummy bath bomb with lavender, orange & ylang ylang

and a bar of Aphrodite soap with oatmeal & pettitgrain essential oil.

Simply leave a comment below & I will draw the winner from a hat on Sunday night.

perhaps you might like to share a link to a favourite site, or something to inspire Autumn creativity? If you are in the Wiararapa this weekend check out the french country fair My lovely friend Lou is taking my soap over there, & we will go over for a look on Sunday

Enjoy your weekend everyone


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The great reveal

I have finally taken some shots of the studio to share with you all, It was such a beautiful morning....

You have to excuse my dodgy pics, I 'may have' dropped the camera on Friday and broken the LCD, hence I have no idea what my pics look like till I've downloaded them...a bit like the good old days really!

alas hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my new favourite place....

Saturday, March 26, 2011 playing shops? something different

I have finally put my first listing on FELT
Hopefully the first of many listings, it has only taken me since November to get one thing on!
Check me out
Any advice for selling on-line would be much appreciated (lol) I'm more of a 'hands on' seller, bit like a Gypsy really hehehe
Now time for bed....night night oxox

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Love

Check out this beautiful jewllery, yes I know I should be doing house work, NOT window shopping on the net!!

Vintage Love - About Vintage Love

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making soap

I've had a huge passion for Aromatherapy, pretty much my whole life...strange that I don't often post about it in my blog.
As well as using aromatherapy to compliment my massage therapy, my biggest love is being in the kitchen & experimenting!
I have made my own soap and skin care for years now, not only to aid in the prevention of contact dermatitis, but the benefit of our children's skin, not to mention the environment.
So I thought I'd share what I got up to yesterday...
The NaOH ( caustic soda) added to cold water. This solution reached 85 deg C!
Hence the importance of safety gear.
Both oils and lye mix at 40 deg C. No higher!

Adding the lye to the oils, you can clearly see the two solutions not yet emulsified.

"trace" note the drops sitting on the top like custard.

Now's the fun part adding your goodies.
This batch is called Fleur: Pink clay, elderflowers, lavender, rose geranium & ylang ylang essential oil.

Don't over mix here, see how quickly it has thickened just by adding
the essential oils and re-blending.

Strawberry smoothie?

Chopped and ready to dry. I'll post a pic when they're all labelled.
Wish you could smell it...perhaps I'll have to have a giveaway????

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have just read the most hilarious blog post in ages.
I literally nearly wet my pants laughing!
Thanks for your Fabulous honest parenting advice..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My bidibids stash has been quite low since Imogen was born, so last week I finally got a few spare hours between feeds & made some more. I used to list some of the things I made on trade me & had a query about weather I would make adult sizes? Well today I did. The pattern will need some adjustments but first attempt isn't to bad...if I do say so myself?
Rather than a cotton or linen inner/outer I used grey wool (the type they make coats out of) for the outer, a cotton inner and some beautiful bamboo wadding to give it some structure in-between.

I used a felted mohair cardy to make a thick inner sole as plain leather was quite thin for adult weight.

And Ta Daa!

Some more irresistible pics of My sweets and a little peek of my sewing studio. I'm beginning to think it will never be at photo quality cleanness, so I should probably just take some snaps anyway LOL. After all, were all messy creative types aint we?

Ooowww and P.S check out handmade for Christchurch, its a whole bunch of gorgeousness donated to help with the relief of the quake.

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