Thursday, August 26, 2010

I popped into raid a friends garden for cuttings the other
day and she gave me this beautiful bunch of Daphne.
It has to be the best smell ever and makes
the cold winter months worth it!
All three of the kiddies are home today with
the nasty flu which is doing the rounds.
Poor Alex had a temp of 39.4 C last night.
Perked up today with some sunshine and home baking though.
Anya and I sat drawing some 'still life' Daphne on
the table with water colour pencils.
Hope the weekend has some sun for us all.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I've been meaning to post about our new house since...well....we shifted in! But the madness and chaos has interrupted any kind of photo opp and decent bloggy endeavours. So on that note a very quick peek of our new chooks (rescued from the local commercial outlet) new vege patch which I'm desperate for growing action, supermarket vege is driving me mad...I can't wait to be picking salad greens again and a batch of Geds kale meatballs. Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be my raspberry canes behind the garden along the fence, our glass house put up between the chooks and vege and another two plots built for spuds and summer goodies.

A little peek of this stunner. These magnolias were 'dormant' when we shifted in and it's an inspiring site to peek out the laundry window in the morning (in the pic) and see this. there is a red one closer to the house by the wood shed which has come into flower since, port wine magnolia I think it is, as well as about 4-5 young plants scatted about in the garden. Exciting action will be taking place soon...(hopefully) beneath this wounderful tree...the love of my life is building me an out door sewing studio on top of a concrete pad which is already here(remnant from an old garden shed) Were using an old set of french doors and building a veranda out from them so this will be my view form them. I'm soooo excited (and suspecting a hidden agenda? perhaps to distract me from his beer garden/shed/man cave??? But right now I don't care hehehe. Will keep you posted with progress
Hopefully get some indoor pics up this week. hope Everyone is keeping healthy...xoox

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