Friday, March 19, 2010

Autumn has arrived in my garden...and in my person! The hibernation urge is beginning, cooking stews...hearty puddings....knitting slippers.....feather baths.....I could go on all day. The sad part about my hibernating is that I am packing to move in two weeks so all those comforting warm thoughts have to be put on hold. I see the pear tree laden with fruit and no time right now to be bottling...blackberries being eating by the birds...and most exciting of all a second crop of raspberries...I think I'll miss most them, along with all my best tomatoes. I bought a packet of 'rainbow mix' seeds off trade me in spring and the fruit, which is a lucky draw of mixed heirloom varieties, has just started to ripen up. I'm moving to a beautiful little cottage, my partners house, which we are selling and hoping to upgrade to a bigger character house around the corner...complete with sewing room....drool! But for now we will be nestling into our little cottage with no chooks or vege patch.....sigh. I will keep telling myself that sacrifice is all part of life-change-seasons-cycles etc.
Hope you are all enjoying the autumnal changes as well

Monday, March 15, 2010

Goodies arrived in the mail today....YAY! A beautiful green woollen bag that I bought from Melissa at tiny happy It's the first time I have bought something from etsy and I fear I have started an addiction I can't stop! This was made extra special by the little extra goodies Melissa added....Those little extras are always so cool and make you feel so good!

The weather is doing that sporadic autumnal windy thing. Hot afternoons but I can't open the windows as everything goes flying, so the afternoon was spent sewing for more Trade me listings today. Anya is modeling the first of my new apron tops...she calls the matryoshka dolls 'gnomes'! So she spent the afternoon making paper 'gnomes' with her friend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have just started lising my goodies on trade me. Please feel free to have an oogle!
Hope your week is going well.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I recently went to a lions fundraising auction and scored this old fairy down eiderdown feather blanket, It was a bit worse for wear..but only 2 buks! I had to have it, even if it meant lugging it around in the sun for the next few hours...I eagerly inspected it when I got home and decided that it needed a jolly good wash. In the front loader it went, when.....yes you guessed it lovely blanket blew up in the washing machine! Still to good an opportunity to throw away, I decided to make a new cover and rescue the feathers that had survived the torture chamber that was my electrolux!

I had these pieces of linen and bought this brown and tan cotton form Arthur toy for $6 a meter,
and sewed roughly the same size giant pillow case.....

This was the trickiest part. I tacked and pinned a boarder down but sewing through the feathers was very difficult, as well as managing the bulk of the blanket on the side of the machine. It also kept getting caught underneath which meant lots of unpicking and frustration...arrrggghhh....and maybe some swearing!

Ta daa.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today is sewing day, and in true procrastinating form...
I have been lured to the blog by that unseen magical luring thingie..
But a day of procrastination wouldn't be complete
without the opp-shop distraction as well!
So I did a little browsing and
'lo and behold' this little friend was staring at me form the shop counter
I just had to take her home....
so that she could be with all my other scary friends......
Now I'm starting to freak myself out...
I sound like scary doll lady don't I.......?????

I feel like I'm being watched

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